While everyone is indicating gun toting VP mechanics, "lipstick on a pig" and don't "drill baby drill" the original issues of the economy by way of example energy independence, foreign proposal, education and healthcare look at back seat.

A lesser known issue is the McCain arrange for health care. With possible market and less regulation clearly a failure (Lehman Bros., Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Bear Stearns, Enron and the like. ) the Mc Cain arrangement would dismantle the employer sponsored group insurance system by forcing employees out by itself to be insured on the "free market" and take policies that need underwriting, cost sharing, high deductibles and as such, higher premiums.

How in this case? The group plan is that the first become taxable studying employee. The employer would be required to withhold the tax money in the interior employee's paycheck. Younger, healthier employees do not want money withheld and runs without insurance or seek offers you health plan for straightaway leaving older, less healthy employees within your group plan until the fee become so expensive the employer drops software program altogether. Then the older employees must search for individual health insurance in that person market as well.

And the carrot within your stick? A tax credit in volume of $2, 500 per tend to be and $5, 000 per family said to be used to pay for health care and any excess(what large quantity? ) would be deposited into an HSA. With current premiums near to $400 per month individual and $1500 monthly family, the tax credit would certainly provide a bandaid on a hemoraghing family budget where insurance plan premiums are now group of item along with chicken, mortgage, heat, gasoline, faculty etc..

The McCain plan would just go drop all State polices and regulations on medical health insurance so that people would be "free" to go on plan in any remain competitive. This also means that the state regulations that have protected insured individuals for such a long time would be removed. Employees would be by itself and unprotected in a free market system designed to benefit insurers.

The really scary thing is this is not a uneasy. Look up John McCains website and you could see the plan. In his first presidential debate Sen. Obama pointed out the health plan at the same time McCain ignored him but decided not to bother to respond. The country have not reported to achieve success at all, yet it potentially affects every person that has a group health plan, including your family. So forget the trash about lapel buttons, teenage pregnancy, lipstick, "drill newborn drill" etc. and pay enhancement to this proposal as it can certainly could cost us something, blue state or wine, dearly. Democrat or republican require let your local representatives hear from you about this plan.

Alan N. Fernandez is president of Foundation Startup with a BBA in Finance and Economics from the time Iona College, studied under the Mankind Underwriters Training Council and Certified Financial Planner programs a lot easier 15 years in the insurance industry is a popular problem solver among businesses and the alike. He is also an insurance instructor with Citicorp. He is contacted at afern109@optonline. net or go to the FFS website at http: //www. foundationfinancialservicesny. com


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