Did you know that 7 because of 10 health club purchasers feel them to be mislead or over borne their fitness business?

The massage industry was recently rated top-notch five business to own or buy the recession by several admired sources. The lifestyle wil attract, the revenues are predictable not to mention services they provide are fantastic. However, now more than ever buyers are biting off a they can chew furthermore being mislead buy sellers, brokers and franchises.

For years Fitness marketing Group has been consulting gymnasiums worldwide. The number one grouse we receive from new operators typically is that the business they bought is certainly not what the seller depicted. Essentially, they were cheated. Revenues, membership numbers, transaction centers, liability and more counseled me improperly represented.


Of course sellers, brokers and franchises will quickly represent their product inside the end brightest light! They carry out this because they start to see the business and YOU WONT. In fact 8-10 gym purchasers have never held a fitness business they once were.

Often times even the brokers don't learn how to properly value and represent a workout club. If they can't do it how are you supposed to? You simpley can't.

Here's why:

1. Represented membership numbers typically are not accurate

2. Attrition rates can not be represented effectively in financial doom and gloom statements

3. Capital requirements tend to be underestimated for continued operating growth

4. Paid in Full golf clubs and upcoming contract conclusion dates of EFT golf equipment are not

represented correctly economical statements

5. Franchises routinely over promise and under deliver

The simple truth is, like any business these health clubs are for sale to a reason. Memberships may already be on

the decline. If you are unable to properly investigate an while accusation the likely hood is that additionally what you think i thought this was.


The health club information mill still a great business. Even in the depression symptoms well run facilities getting able to increase estimate. Starting or buying a fitness center is a great idea for people who are educated the actual internet risk and rewards of needing a fitness club. Even buying distressed gym can be lucrative if you find yourself prepared for the turnaround

Learn the rest of Chris Batchelor at Personal training Group, full of Buying exercise Business tips meant to help your fitness business a little more profitable. Also be sure you feel of Fitness Marketing Group Website page, the fitness industry's most robust Health Massage Marketing resource center.


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