I am anxious to start out covering what I know as, the future of health care in detail. I see three strategy for. One of the sellers is terrible, one is only a feeling better and the third is good for everyone and should be the guide for all of us going forward. In part one I pointed out this mess started over fifty rice but erupted with Obamacare. Everyone should realize that mouth was only the tool loved among devious politicians to gain unprecedented power over their dominions (us) to allow them to perpetuate their control. All around the world countries and their populations are subject to despot leaders who actually are power hungry, while those who starve and live when considering squalor. This is the U . s and we will not permit this to happen here. Thanks to The federal government and the democrat, liberal, communist politicians in Georgia we are walking distance from letting them win, therefore it is totally up to us keep it from happening.

For over fifty several years, liberal politicians have been claiming they needed to help the poor, or course they needed to do it with that our dollars. Because Americans were asleep for a voting booth, the liberals won the sentiment battle with the addition of a complicit news marketing. So, year after year the liberals have advocated helping so many people and always buying their votes with the money. Until President Obama arrived their pleas were rejected on the Republicans, but with each barring these liberals gained that numerous power through concessions in order to the weak-kneed victors, usually themselves the Republicans. The Republicans never saw it coming until finally they had given up so much power by being "nice guys" the liberal democrats won each house of congress and say the presidency in November, 2008. They could get any legislation passed and signed they desired this is exactly why we have the incompetence today that threatens what freedoms we will be left. Of course, their takeover was made so much easier because the corrupt news media was not going to print or broadcast anything derogatory of the regime.

Thankfully a whole couple of "tea party" republicans got what it's all about from the voters and were swept into workplace. The message from of your voters they carried into DC was, "we wish to have our country back, no more big government, no more bloated principles more financial responsibility". These newly elected politicians seem very willing to do exactly what i am about, but standing in their way are probably the remaining liberal democrats and republicans who were in DC too permanent. These are the same exact republican wizards of chaos who allowed the liberal democrats agressively play them like a cheap fiddle over the forty or fifty yrs . old. Until we the locals, assume the responsibility of either changing the ideas of these politicians -- un-electing them, we should have difficulty correcting this hoodwink. Now that we all know where we are, I wish to begin explaining the three options before us. The first option would be to allow Obamacare to push through its evasive assault on our freedoms and then our economy. This of course is the worst possible option and We will be saying more about this method government run health care option over the following article, "Health Care: Part 3 Where one can Now? "

Please feel free to share this article with the friends, neighbors, and workmates. Spreading the word and learning more about mouth is critical to using the right choices, and it is at any cost up to us to make it happen. Do not get discouraged just because the news media can imagine communism, or that thirty percent of our population cannot see the truth since they are too busy with their hands out and living far from our sweat and challenging. They are simply an everyday vocal minority, dangerous, yet still a minority. Perhaps someday we'll raise enough money to enable these people a free day trip to Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, Libya or some place and it's suited to their twisted thinking well being. It is fun purchaser dream, isn't it?

Fritz Scheffel has written numerous articles and then two books available through Amazon Kindle. Learn the certainty concerning health care before we have it all taken among us. A government run single payer cure system would be disasterous.

The remain in titles are "Health Purifying: It Can Be Fixed" and "Ten Tenets For better Health.
The your internet site a dot com. Try to look for "the health care fix" http: //thehealthcarefix. com/


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