Insurance companies serve huge function in our our world. The purpose of insurance policies are to share risk. Risk is the hardness of economic loss that someone would to assume in an activity. For instance, a bank would not loan money because of buying a house, unless our house was protected against losses such as fire, wind and survive perils. That protection is by a Homeowner's insurance plan.

A loan to purchase an automobile would not be available unless the van was insured for cutbacks by theft or serious accident. That protection is you can purchase an auto policy.

Health insurance is the life insurance that shares the potential risk of losses caused by mistake or illness. A share associated with risk is assumed across the individual through a tax deductible or co-pay. In-other-words, if you visits the doctor, that individual may be required to pay the first $15 or $20 numerous visit. The health insurance logo design assumes the risk of the cost.

That shared risk takes through an exchange affiliated 'consideration'. Consideration is cash. The insured pays a premium in substitution for the promise of the insurer company to pay certain costs associated with the insured's health treat. Which brings us to controversy surrounding the united state's efforts to institute the techniques some call universal health care.

No matter what side of the argument you are well on, in favor or against universal good care, one issue has become settled. President Obama stated publicly that you won't insure the 'uninsured' and don't additional costs. So, the idea that listed here is a 'deficit neutral' policy has been debunked by the admin itself. Either taxes go up to repay program, or health care really need to be rationed to keep cost neutral, or bring them down.

In response about the public out-cry about a government med program, the administration has the insurance companies villains. Get real, insurance companies exclude pre-existing conditions for some point when an individual enrolls (however that isn't always the case on group policies), and insurance policies are making a 'profit'.

PreExsiting Conditions

Think about practicing risk and preexisting conditions. An individual has a home which has damaged by fire. Would the insurance company now together with policy that would on the repairs to home caused by the preexisting fire? Absolutely not! That is not created risk, that is pity business.

An individual has a preexisting health condition, loan diabetes. Purchasing a policy inside exclude the treatment caused by diabetes for a limited point (usually two years), now creates a shared risk. The health care insurance company will cover the main one for other perils, when that individual pays prices over time, that exclusion regarding the preexisting condition is after dropped.

Is it possible the actual internet government to insure everyone in the united states and force insurance online to provide policies inspite of preexisting conditions? It is workable, but not without driving the same price of health-care way up. Get real, the money to spend the money for doctors and hospitals why would you come from somewhere and Obama stated that 'We are away from money'. Since the government doesn't earn income, its only source within revenue is taxes.


Insurance companies are being cast while the bad guy since companies working out. Which do you hope for, companies that are well run that working out, or a company much like General Motors that required tremendous of taxpayer money to bail they out? A profit is exactly what allows companies to expand services and afford jobs. Companies that fail to create a profit, go out-of-business.

The government not only fails to create a profit, as a well run business should, it runs the particular deficit. The latest example is Buy Clunkers. Not only was taxpayer money seemed to subsidize auto sales, now companies are complaining that the us govenment is not sending the checks extended Clunkers that were assured. It appears that many buyers now have lost their old cars with regard to face repossession of the brand new cars purchased since the bucks for the program would actually exist.

This you shouldn't bode well for a government run med system.

Tort Reform

Doctors and supplies hospitals must practice defensive medicine. People will drag into court for anything. Tort lawyers get a 'shot-gun' approach when preserving a malpractice lawsuit. Every body doctors, nurses, technicians and hospitals interested in buying a case are generally a defendant, whether that party essential any actual responsibility however , claimed injury and confusion.

We need a loss pay system, which provides that a person who brings a state and loses, is great pay the other side's law firm fees and expenses. That would bypass most frivolous lawsuits and take costs of health well being down.

Big Government Solution

Government should needs to live within its sources. It does not, plus the government, not insurance companies, is the villain inside our scenario.

The founding fathers rarely ever foresee a large, top rated centralized government. That really was the war of independence against England was information on. The US Constitution assigned specific powers to the government, and it does not specify ruling any private sector companies.

Medicare and Medicaid was government health care programs going collapse. Even President Obama admits Medicare can not be sustained. No program is offered sustained when it runs which has a deficit and all government programs run through the deficit.

Universal Health Care is in at a deficit from day one that is certainly just bad business.


Dr. Michael Birzon might be attorney and adjunct college student with Florida Insurance University/University inside Central Florida. Dr. Birzon has litigated claims much more than 30 years and which author of the Received Claims Adjuster Designation authorized by the State of Florida. You might contact Dr. Birzon at (407) 927-1235 or email at: flainsu@mail. ucf. edu

http: //www. ce. ucf. edu/insurance


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