Do we really need another nature poster in our life? Probably. The fact must be,

many of us work in offices, or an environment this overly natural, whereas a wonderful

fortunate few of us possess an office running on a natural setting...

And my guess is, that's what many of us are aiming for. Somewhere between our dreams of

how we view our life unfolding, we hold mental pictures people in nature or with regards to

a natural environment. This may be a farm, or much more indoor garden, anywhere

where we might get that necessary talk to with nature.

But in what way a nature poster allow us?

More and more, research is pointing to the significance of direct contact with plant life and animals,

informing us that it offers increased mental health along psychological development

and explains why city-dwellers have such a attraction for nature.

Cities has its own place. And when we get free from the city we will likely appreciate nature

even for the. Nature allows us to provide our senses more, save on stress, relax and

enjoy the simplicity of it all.

I feel inspired when I think about a nature poster...

That's perfect... research shows that a window view of nature (rather than a built

environment)... improves supply performance in job settings, and increases job

satisfaction. (This might help explain the predominance re posters and picture

calendars when you wear nature scenes on rooms of windowless office cubicles).

So there you have it. And of course, a nature poster can be extremely beautiful to look

at, so this is a positive aspect. We can't all be amongst people in national parks and even on

Antartic ice caps or track of Mount Kilamanjaro. There's way too many of

us! For people, the concept of assigning such a thing huge big anyway.

So next best is to buy a visual picture of what we know exists, a person often find to

be extensive and truly amazing. Viewing a nature poster lead us back to a poor,

awe like state where often we might grasp an appreciation for how magnificent

and incredible we are, and nature is. Certainly, it's one and in a similar fashion, but that's

another piece: -)

Nature experiences increase fascination, intrinsic interest, though enjoyment. The

wilderness will inspire feelings of awe and the only thing wonder... individuals feel more inviting acquainted

with their own brain, and they feel 'different' not directly --

calmer, at serenity with themselves, 'more beautiful on the inside and unstifled. '

So whilst were we? Ah you heard right, nature posters. For an occasion then, I was

completely zoned out in some beautiful, misty zen Japanese garden! You can't

get too much of this stuff. Obviously everyone needs it, and it's a natural part of us. A

nature poster gives us to be able to connect, to go for you, to travel to a building of

wonder and street art.

I know, it's from the poster. But surely if it moves us not directly, be it just summary, it

can motivate individuals move towards our dreams and realization from your goals. A nature

poster is without a doubt inspiring. How many times have you seen yourself saying

wow I accomplish that or I want to search there?

And you could it, if you really want to! And just think - there are in pictures. So by looking

at a nature poster maybe you can think of, or see yourself in the same manner environment,

or doing something you've always dreamt of to do.

Or of course just enjoy the sheer pleasure of the moment!

Have fun. And when you come back, let me know.

Copyright? 2005 Martin Hurley

Martin Hurley is artist, photographer and info-preneur who lives on marketing, ideas and development info-products. He never unwinds. Get yourself on The Dudezine mail list and sample great organic photography FREE at: http: //hurleypix. com

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